Dan's 70th Fresh Market


Holladay, Utah, a small suburb nestled in the Salt Lake Valley is home to Dan’s Fresh Market, a store that the locals have frequented and known for many years. Although the store is well loved in the community, customers have felt that the small and quaint store was feeling “tired”. Dan’s Fresh Market decided to try a fresh approach, and hired Decorworx to remodel, to bring new life to the neighborhood store.

Dan’s Fresh Market had a simple goal for the remodel of the store, to maintain the friendly and familiar feeling that customers cherished and loved, while creating a renewed focus that was clean and simple, modern and fresh.

The Decorworx sales team met with Dan’s Fresh Market to determine how to bring a clean, new perspective to the store. Once several ideas were decided upon, the design team explored décor options for the store. A fresh, clean, simple theme that aligned with Dan’s Fresh Market’s goals would be incorporated into the décor for the store.

To achieve the refreshing, wholesome feel that Dan’s Fresh Market had in mind, metal valance text, hand crafted wooden boxes and beautiful, detailed photos of food and murals were installed in the store. Bright, strong colors were used to create a sense of wholesomeness and health. Large aisles were easy to navigate and allowed customers to feel refreshed and comfortable. The new décor pleasantly complimented the bakery’s tasty assortment of pastries and cakes as well as the Butcher Block’s variety of fresh cuts.

After opening, the newly remodeled Dan’s Fresh Market was gladly welcomed by the community. Dan’s Fresh Market is a store rich in tradition of strong customer loyalty and satisfaction. The fresh new décor has allowed the store to better serve its customers.