Farmer's County Market


Farmer’s County Market, located in Roswell, New Mexico, has been a favorite among locals for many years. Known for authentic homemade salsa, mouthwatering roasted chilies, locally made tortillas and a tremendous selection of meat, it’s no wonder the store is loved by everyone who enters its doors. Although the wide selection of products have always been successful at drawing in customers, Bill Fenn, the store’s owner realized the store needed something more. He wanted a unique way to capture the existing demographic in the area as well as draw in new customers. Decorworx came on board to help Fenn accomplish this goal.

In an effort to recapture the up-scale clients who live in the surrounding community, a custom shopping experience was created through a Mediterranean theme. Fenn travels quite often and he wanted to bring a piece of his travels to his store. The store underwent a 15,000 square foot expansion previous to remodeling, which increased the store’s space to 30,000 square feet. The Decorworx design team had plenty of room to work the Mediterranean theme into the store’s décor. 

Key design features in the store included a beautiful espresso wood floor, metal and limestone accents and a warm Tuscan color palette. Sophisticated and unique tile work was incorporated in each of the

departments, which helped to develop the Mediterranean feeling that Fenn wanted to accomplish. In addition, beautiful sculptures adorned the simple shelving, such as the winged goddess of Victory. Rich, chocolate brown wood columns further enhanced the message of quality to customers. Custom check stand lights were the final touches to this unique concept. The store was able to fit their country demographic to a beautiful and sophisticated theme. 

The results of the remodel were tremendous. The store received an overwhelming response from customers and a 50% increase in sales occurred. Everyone in the community loved the new store. Fenn was very happy with the remodel and would use Decorworx’s services again.