David LeBoeuf purchased a new Frank’s Supermarket in the southern town of Larose, Louisiana. Located in the heart of the marshlands, the small town is known for fishing and shrimp harvesting as well as oil rigging (the main source of income for the community’s population). After opening the store, David had the desire to transform his store into one that would cater to the local shoppers – mainly, men who worked on the nearby oil rigs. He wanted customers to feel warm and welcome in his store, reflecting the fact that he is truly committed to the community.  

The Decorworx design team worked closely with the contractor and architect that David had hired. The contractor and architect chose the color palette that would be used for the store, and the design team worked to create décor around the bright and cheerful color scheme. A modern design was incorporated throughout the store, which reflected the flair of the local community and maintained the country feeling of the small bayou town.

One of the main décor features included in the store was lift bridges. These lift bridges, which imitated the iconic shapes of the bridges in the nearby area, were placed in each of the store’s departments. Photography, which harmonized with the color scheme, mirrored the surrounding bayou as well as products that the store sold. Wood textures were incorporated into parts of the décor to further emphasize the warm and welcome atmosphere that David desired. Aisle markers were named after local streets to add flair from the surrounding area. Fonts on valances used a more decorative typeface which provided a southern feel. A wine trellis used elements that reflected an old and industrial feeling. French phrases and some of the town’s local vocabulary were placed throughout the store to give nod to the Southern French influence.

After the remodel, the store saw a 30% increase in sales. David loved the experience he had with Decorworx. He felt that the décor company was professional and translated their ideas well. He was impressed with the grocery store expertise that Decorworx had. 

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