Harmons, a high-end grocery store chain based in Utah, is known for promoting healthy lifestyles and providing customers with an extraordinary shopping experience. A branch of Harmons, Harmons Dixie, located in the beautiful Southern Utah town of St. George, Utah, centers its operations around a few simple beliefs; exceed the customer's expectations and be passionate about food and the surrounding community. Several years ago, Harmons Dixie felt that these beliefs were no longer being met through the store’s decor. Harmons felt that its store was outdated and it did not relate as well to the customers. In 2013, Harmons Dixie approached Decorworx about completely remodeling the St. George area store. The remodel would include customized design, aisle markers, check stand lights, specialty branding and exterior signage.

Harmons had a few simple goals in mind for the remodel, including creating a climate of coziness and spaciousness in each of the aisles, developing clean directional information and signage that would direct the customers through the store with ease and convenience, reinforcing the love and passion of food, promoting the store’s outstanding products, and connecting with and serving patrons in a more effective manner.

The remodel process started with brainstorming. The Decorworx sales team met with Harmons every week for a year to determine just what Harmons wanted to accomplish with the remodel. The sales team monitored the progress of the remodel, with the main focus not only on the store’s décor, but also on the employees’ attitudes. Harmons Dixie wanted employees to be happy with their employment at the store, as their satisfaction would impact store customers. Once the sales team was able to determine what Harmons Dixie desired, the reigns were handed over to the design team. Through the use of mood boards, the design team was able to determine an effective theme for Harmons Dixie, entitled “your food, our passion”. The theme helped tie the store’s passion for food to the new design. 

Decorworx was able to satisfy Harmons goals by creating an overall appearance that was appealing to the local community as a whole. St George is known for promoting healthy lifestyles, which lead Decorworx to implement a “wellness” theme into the design for Harmons Dixie. The new décor in Harmons Dixie also incorporated the St George area’s diverse landscape, while similarly creating a “luxury” shopping experience for customers. The use of rich and deep colors, hard woods, and acrylic materials made the store feel classy and elegant, which promoted an attractive atmosphere to the main target market: the mature, older adults in the area. To top it all off, every photo in Harmons Dixie was relatable to the store itself. The photos included the store’s food as well as employees who worked at Harmons Dixie, in turn making the store more personable and relatable.

The results of the Harmons Dixie remodel were astounding. Sales increased by a large margin, proving that the remodel of the store was very successful. Customers were very happy and positive about the changes. The remodeling created a more appealing and welcoming atmosphere, which drew current and potential customers into the store. Harmons was, and continues to be, impressed by the products and services that Decorworx offers, which in turn has deepened the relationship between the two companies.

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