Hi Nabor


Hi Nabor Supermarkets has served the residents of Baton Rouge since 1963. With two locations in the heart of Louisiana, the family-owned grocery store decided it was time to expand their company to better serve their loyal customers. They moved into their Broadmoor location in 2014, and Decorworx was hired to design the décor for the new store. Well known in the community for providing their customers with homegrown produce, fresh meat and seafood, the Crifasi family sought for their new store to have a strong emphasis on their specialty products, value and good service.

It was necessary that the décor of the new Hi Nabor location create an atmosphere that was inviting and relaxed, as the Crifasi family wanted their store to attract families and a local customer base. The design and sales teams worked closely with the family on the design of the store. Members of the Decorworx sales team met with the Crifasi family on a personal basis to make sure the design was precise. 

The décor for the new store imitated the unique flair of the local Baton Rouge community. A playful design which included bright shades of purple, gold, green, blue and red helped to create visual excitement. Custom, handcrafted text collages as well as raw and organic photography, reflected the products sold at the store, and were creatively positioned on the valances for each department. Fonts used throughout the store were modern and easy to read, which further enhanced the lively design the family desired.

After the new store opened, the décor exceeded expectations of the Crifasi family. Sales were above the projections the family had calculated, and the store was very successful. Everyone in the community was thrilled to see a new Hi Nabor location in Baton Rouge.