Lin's Santa Clara

Lins Santa Clara (97).jpg

Lin’s, located in the small Southern Utah town of St. George, Utah was in need of a remodel.  Previously, the marketing department at Associated Foods (who own Lin’s), in conjunction with Decorworx worked on rebranding the Lin’s store chain. The brand’s new logo and image focused on raising awareness for the quality products and service that Lin’s offers the community. After the rebranding, Lin’s needed décor that would better reflect the new image.

The Lin’s remodel consisted of expanding a portion of the store, and raising the valances in the new section.  As St. George is known as the gateway to the Utah National Parks, the store’s colors were selected to reflect the deep, rich earth tones found in the beautiful parks.   A unique approach was taken to create the valances.  Projected images were displayed on each valance by using a Gobo projection system.  The projected images created the icons in each of the four main departments.  Lin’s is able to change the images as desired, to communicate a new message.   The main department text uses a straight-forward and simple font, coupled with a script used for the secondary departments.  

Lin’s point of distinction is their produce and meat department.   Emphasis was placed on the produce department by hanging signs over the triple deck sections, essentially highlighting the fresh, quality produce.  A custom trellis used in the meat department communicates warmth and stability.

The new remodel has proven to be a win for the store and the community.  The success of the store has initiated an effort to continue with the remainder of the Lin’s stores found throughout Utah.