Meier's Meats & Fine Foods


Meier's Meats and Fine Foods is nestled at the base of the beautiful American Fork canyon along the Wasatch mountains in the small town of Highland, Utah. The owners know their craft well and had been working out of a small shop just a few miles away.  Their dream of having a beautiful store was realized last year.  Many hours were spent understanding the image and feel they desired their guests have, long before the ground was broken. 

While planning, a crucial architectural element was to give the store a look of a charming shop, rather than a mainline grocery store.  Selling Certified Angus Beef, hand trimmed chicken, in-house secret recipe ribs, scratch deli dishes and specialty foods just couldn't be done in a box, but in a space treating the guest to an extraordinary experience.  

Stained wood siding, American craftsman style mixed materials with tapered rock columns, pitches and glazing along the front of the store, welcomes the guest.  Inspired by the beauty of Alpine and Highland, where many of their guests live, the store design reflects the feel of a warm, inviting mountain cabin.


The new logo sets the tone and feeling people have as they discover Meier's for the first time and reminds their loyal customers that they care about what they do best.  Quality, specialty and friendly were the key words used when designing the logo and it suits the image perfectly.


The decor meets the local demographic with simplicity and style.  The simple, clean look of silver and acrylic letters were complimented by bold, rich colors on the wall.  Rock and wood details compliment the cabin feel and yet the modern font with words vertically running up the wall adds an upscale feel.  Each department expresses its  own flair to create an eclectic, modern and quality feel.

Metro shelving fills the center store with merchandising thoughtfully designed, giving the small location a way to store more on the floor and sends a clear message of a specialty shop. 

The soft, red clay colored concrete floor is warm and charming.  The subtle, easy to read, aisle markers are placed on the ends of the metro shelving to keep the store clutter free.  Unique locators help the guest quickly find their favorite foods and discover new must try products to satisfy their inner foodie as they wander the aisles.


The meat department is the showpiece and people drive many miles to buy Meier's choice and prime cuts of meat. The owners are passionate about being the best in the meat industry and the decor tells that story.  The iconic design is used on more than the wall.  The packaging reminds the guest of the quality meat they are ready to grill.  


The M Deli was mindfully created to give a memorable name to the best catering and deli counter available in the small town and still represent Meier's.  The M is used as an icon for Meier's, going to homes, offices and events on their packaging and living up the quality represented.

The local residents are thrilled to have the charming Meier's Meat and Fine Foods Market to buy fresh, delicious meats where the butcher knows their name.  Hard to find chocolates, treats and imported cheese and products are now just the round the corner at their community market. The grand opening was met with excitement and gratefulness from the foodies of Alpine, Lehi and Highland.  Meier's is a comfortable, special and most importantly, a locally owned store where the customers feel proud to shop.

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