Walker Drug


Walker Drug has been a landmark of Moab, Utah for over 57 years.  The owner knew his pharmacy needed more than just a simple shot to keep his sales from eroding; rather a full surgery was needed.  A major remodel over the course of a year dramatically improved the image of his long-time location. He introduced grocery to his pharmacy & general store.  He explained that just as grocery stores claim they need the pharmacy to survive, he said pharmacy needs grocery to keep up with the struggling in-store pharmaceutical industry.

The store underwent a 10 thousand square foot expansion introducing grocery, a candy shop and an expanded health and beauty section.  A new entry and front façade gave the tired building a facelift.  Shelves and merchandising were reworked for convenience and flow.   

The décor was critical to the overall feel and creating a local flair was the answer to reach the tourists and the locals alike.  Moab, Utah is home to Arches National Park, world renowned mountain biking, Anasazi cliff dwellings and off road jeep tours.  These exhilarating activities are the prominent feature as you begin your journey through the store.  

The décor showcases petroglyphs with copper fonts placed out from the walls creating a strong contrast against the bright colors and letters on the walls. Locators with kokapelli style accents, adorn every aisle, helping guests navigate through the store. The new wood laminate flooring creates consistency and resembles the sandy earth of Moab.  Local photos of the area, including delicate arch, hang at the check-out counter leaving the guest with the natural beauty of the area.

The grocery addition has brought in the travelers for more than trinkets and medication, but to refuel for their excursions. The restroom area draws special attention from guests.  Kids can size themselves up to the Indian petroglyphs painted on the wall.  Eye-level décor provides a fun and casual atmosphere at destination points around the store, such as the oversized biker near the filtered water fountain.  A large way finding sign made of wood hangs at the entrance directing guests to their favorite department.

Walker Drug felt a 32% increase in sales after their grand opening.  From the employee to the guest, a new sense of pride for Walker Drug has transformed the shopping experience.

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