LeBlanc’s Frais Marche


Louisiana, home of delicious food and southern hospitality, welcomed LeBlanc’s Frais Marche with open arms. After moving into the old “Hi Nabor” grocery store, LeBlanc’s increased the building’s limited space from 19,000 square feet to 30,000 square feet. Now, the only thing missing was custom décor that reflected the unique Louisiana area of Baton Rouge where LeBlanc’s Frais Marche is located.

Progressive Grocer Store Design Contest Winner 2015: Best Store Design (New Ground-Up, Under 50,000 Square Feet) Local Charm

LeBlanc’s Frais Marche is known for its specialty products; especially the local Cajun and Creole cooking, and as a place for people to gather, great wine, and the famous southern hospitality and service. LeBlanc’s had one simple goal for the remodel: include a combination of both modern and historic Louisiana in the décor, while holding true to the local flair of the area.

The remodeling process started with brainstorming sessions between the Decorworx sales team and LeBlanc’s Frais Marche to determine what the store desired for décor. As the store would be remodeled from the ground up, more care was taken to make sure the needs were met for LeBlanc’s. After the sales team attained a few ideas for the remodel, the store was transferred over to the hands of the designers. With a bit of research into Louisiana heritage and cuisine, a mix of modern and historic Louisiana was born.

U43A8623 1.jpg

As part of the remodeling process, the entire store was gutted and the floor was torn out, LeBlanc’s would start with a clean canvas. A new façade was built on the exterior and a new parking lot was installed. Warm tones of yellows, reds, greens, and purples, were added to plain walls to reflect the unique Louisiana culture, which set a comfortable and calming mood for the store. Large, detailed photos of LeBlanc’s specialty products were a key part of the store’s décor, as customers would be able to better relate with the hometown grocery store. Fleur de lis accents, with wrought iron details, harken to the unique southern style. Messages such as, “home of the lovin’ oven” and “our steaks make you a better cook”, which have resonated with LeBlanc’s customers for many years, were also included in the décor.

The newly remodeled LeBlanc’s Frais Marche was welcomed by customers and community members alike. For years, the community desired a locally owned grocery store to call their own, LeBlanc’s Frais Marche was just what the local community needed. LeBlanc’s would offer a wide selection of products and a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere with great service. After the grand opening of LeBlanc’s, the anticipated sales projections of the store were met and exceeded. The store continues to show strong support for the local community and has become a favorite among the local customers.