China Town Market


Progressive Grocer Store Design Contest Winner 2015: Best Store Design (New Ground-Up, Under 50,000 Square Feet) Best Ethnic/Specialty

Salt Lake City, Utah, located in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, is home to a culturally diverse population. Chinatown Market was opened in 2014, to embrace this cultural melting pot, mainly catering to the Asian community. With over 35,000 square feet of Asian-themed products, Chinatown Market is able to serve a wide range of customers in the community.

Before opening, Chinatown Market had a few simple goals for the store. 1) Bring Utah’s Asian community together through the store, 2) offer more Asian products than any other store in Utah and 3) keep the store modern, clean and simple, with Asian culture woven into every element of the store’s design. Decorworx would be the desired avenue to help Chinatown Market accomplish these goals.

The Decorworx sales team met with Chinatown Market for regular brainstorming sessions to determine what direction to take for the store. After several ideas had been decided upon, the design team came on board to help narrow down the ideas and created a few concepts for décor. A mix of modern design and Asian culture was formed.

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Chinatown (25).jpg

The décor of Chinatown Market was designed with Utah’s Asian community in mind. Larger than life murals, metal letters, hand-painted wood and a bold color scheme serve as the foundation for Chinatown Market’s décor. Valance text, written in eight different languages, caters to the culturally diverse population of the surrounding area. An 18-foot fresh fish tank supplements the feeling of a fresh fish market. The décor, combined with wide aisles, an open ceiling, a fresh meat counter, and homemade Asian pastries helped customers feel comfortable and welcome in the new Asian market.

After opening, Chinatown Market was embraced not only by the Asian community, but the whole valley and essentially the whole state. In turn, Chinatown Market has shown to be wildly successful in diverse Salt Lake City. The unique and modern market is designed to not only offer Asian products and services, but welcomes all who enter the store. Chinatown Market is just what the Utah Asian community is in need of.

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