Harmon’s began with a simple vision: to be remarkable – so much so, that people will be disappointed to shop anywhere else. This ideology drove them to be uncompromising in their commitment to providing quality food, value their associates, and always exceed customer expectations by offering made-from-scratch eats and fresh local ingredients. In Harmon’s, “We’re in the people business. We happen to sell groceries.”

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Harmon’s had determined to create a gathering place, unlike anything the community had seen. Creating a space on-trend, which was both progressive and timeless became the obsession.

Neutral blacks, whites, and greys set the tone for the store and provided the stage for the vibrant pops of red, green, and orange. These colors were expressed in a range, from the custom macro photography and wallpapers Decorworx created, to the one-off industrial trellises hung above the line of sight across the store.

Dynamic dimension was achieved with a variety of surface textures and materials. A range of poplin banner, acrylic lettering, and black Sintra was cast against glass lights, iron fixtures, and raw wood accents.

We’re in the people business. We happen to sell groceries.”
— Harmons

With lighting in mind, placing was strategic, and specific bulbs and fixtures were selected in individual locations to ensure the proper mood was communicated. Overall, literally thousands of hours were poured into this project from the Decorworx team, often in complex conditions, and with outstanding results.

What Harmon’s Santa Clara has accomplished is not a grocery store, but a grocery experience; one which patrons frequently go out of their way to be immersed in. In collaboration, Harmon’s and Decorworx set out to achieve a design reflecting Lifestyle in Motion. What was accomplished is an extraordinary pillar in the Santa Clara community that will be celebrated for generations to come.

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